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Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

Welcome to our most popular camp! Camp director is Coach Dan Scanlan:

-NCAA D2 champion and All-American-US Open All-American-2x VHSL State Champion-2020 VAWA Team state champions, 4x top 4 finishes in ’21, ’22, ’23, ’24

While most of the wrestlers here will be younger, this camp is not limited to an age group. The reason for that is because NOBODY IS ABOVE THE FUNDAMENTALS! In fact, the highest level of wrestling (or anything) is fundamentals executed on time, quickly, and without thinking. The primary goal is to “build in” the fundamentals to our wrestlers’ bodies so that the fundamentals become INSTINCT. When fundamentals become instinct, that is when another level of wrestling becomes unlocked to the wrestler. Unfortunately most wrestlers do not ever reach the ability to unlock this next level and they don’t know why their progress is stalling. The reason is because to get to the next level, the fundamentals need to be built in and become INSTINCT.

There are two BIG reasons why this doesn’t take place. The first reason is that the coaching staff doesn’t know what the critical fundamentals are. This is very common as most wrestling coaches haven’t taken the time to develop a system to build that fundamental instinct foundation because they have no incentive to do so (this isn’t exactly a billion dollar industry). The second reason is assuming the coaching staff actually knows what to do to build the foundation of fundamental instincts (very rare), however they don’t have the discipline to carry it out consistently in training, opting for more “fun moves” (low percentage) or just “fire hosing” and showing as many moves as possible. Both very bad ideas for the long term career of the wrestlers development.

Fortunately we have both of those areas covered and are progressively improving as our sport continues to evolve. We have decades of experience in our coaching staff of both achieving high levels of competitive success as well as coaching it. Every year our curriculum gets better and more efficient. If you are a new young wrestler, a late starter, or been doing it a while and know you didn’t get the proper fundamental instincts built, this is the camp for you. There will be no nonsense here at this camp as it is meticulously structured, disciplined, and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to our fundamental instinct curriculum.

-June 17-21 (Monday through Friday)
-9AM to 4PM
-Early drop off and late pick up are available (8:30AM and 5PM)
-Cost: $429

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Winter Camp

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