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What Makes Scanlan Wrestling Academy Different?

Scanlan Wrestling Academy is much more than just a wrestling system. This is a movement to develop productive, successful, and ethically driven young people. Our society is becoming easier and easier to survive, and it is denying our young people the opportunity to fail. Failure is a massive part of success. When we are so averse to failure, we end up stuck with no purpose or direction.


Ownership | Focus | Execution


The first part of ownership is extreme accountability. This means that no matter what other factors contributing to an unwanted outcome, every part of the team (Parent, Coaches, Wrestlers) are LOOKING IN THE MIRROR for the points of improvement. The most disastrous thing we can do to our young people is have them believe that someone or something else outside of their control was the reason that they didn’t get what they want. Here are some examples:

“The ref made a bad call, that’s why I lost”
“My mom didn’t pack my shoes, that’s why I don’t have them”
“My teacher didn’t remind me, that’s why I didn’t get my project done on time”
“Coach ran practice too hard, that’s why I got hurt”

It is the leadership’s job (Wrestling parents and coaches) to raise our young people in a culture that forces accountability no matter how “unfair” or painful a situation may be. We cannot rob our young people of the pain of coming up short. When failure rears its ugly head, there’s ALWAYS something that the individual could have done better to improve the outcome. The second part of Ownership is responsibility. By the time our wrestlers hit high school, they should be fully taking care of their basic needs. A few examples include but are not limited to:

  • Doing their own laundry (washing, drying, folding)
  • Packing their own lunch for school
  • Waking up on their own, making their bed (room must be organized before leaving)
  • Making their own breakfast
  • Getting their license on time and transporting themselves to school, training, recreation, etc.
  • Signing up for wrestling tournaments, sticking to their schedule
  • Directly communicating with coaches and other adult leaders in their life

ALL of these things have built in consequences if the responsibility is not met. As parents it is sometimes difficult to knowingly see these consequences happen or almost happen before swooping in to “protect” our young people from these consequences. It is one of the most important parts of parenting to NOT provide protection from consequences. THAT’S NOT HOW THE WORLD WORKS!!!!!!! We must prepare our young people for the world. They must be responsible, accountable, resilient, and honest. Keeping them safe from consequences (even if it adversely affects the parent’s or coach’s lifestyle and schedule) is one of the most damaging things we can do to our young people.


The ability to focus and have “staying power” is critical in helping our young people succeed. Focus is most often lost due to adversity and rigor. It is important that we’re not “feeling sorry” for our young people. That justifies their feeling sorry for themselves, which can turn into a disastrous mindset. Continuing with the accountability, we always need to hold our young people accountable for staying focused. It is the short term focus through adversity and hardship to stay locked-on to their goals and purpose that creates the big picture focus that helps our wrestlers stay on the road to success and achievement.


As the last two parts of our culture (Ownership and Focus) are very closely intertwined, so is the final step being Execution. It is the last and most critical piece to the puzzle. With everything else in order, if we don’t teach our young people the COURAGE to execute after doing everything else right…the efforts are almost totally wasted. Execution is something that we must make a habit of doing correctly and with high quality. In wrestling, the execution portion is simple…competing! In order to practice and sharpen the ability to execute, you must compete often. It is a real skill to be able to perform and execute at a high level on the mat. Ownership and Focus in the training portion will only take us 90% of the way. The last 10% of the process that gets us to our goals is EXECUTION on the mat.

It is not a coincidence that ALL of these principles directly carry over to life, in fact, the bigger purpose here at SWA is to use wrestling as the vehicle that teaches and programs our young people with these principles to help each individual develop into the type of person who succeeds ethically, and eventually is in a position to give back and help others do the same.


Our training system is unlike any other. We have a proprietary system that has built-in evolution because of the high level of data collection that we do on a daily basis. We gather data on our wrestlers training attendance, lifting sessions, flexibility, athleticism, training output, match performance, team tournament performance, and parental involvement. Because of this, we are able to make the most accurate adjustments to our training that helps our wrestlers develop in the most efficient and effective way possible.


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    All Skill Levels

    SWA implements a competitive environment for youth, middle, and high school wrestlers.

    Character Building

    Your character is revealed through your pursuit to improve and as you strive NOT to make the same mistakes you made yesterday.

    Adversity is the tool we use to build character and resilience. This requires supportive (NOT CODDLING) parenting and coaching. We constantly push the comfort zone of our wrestlers to sharpen their character.

    Fully Qualified

    USA Wrestling Bronze level coaches with decades of experience. We have produced state championships, Super 32 Place winners, nationally ranked wrestlers, scholarship athletes, and successful young people on their path to success.”

    The Unit

    The Unit consists of the Wrestling Parents, The Wrestling Coaches, and The Wrestler. As The Unit becomes more aligned over time (or even immediately), the potential for success and the speed at which we can achieve it together DRASTICALLY increases. WE ARE A TEAM!

    Our Results in Numbers

    Scanlan Wrestling Academy implements a competitive environment for youth, middle, and high school wrestlers. The SWA coaching staff is eager to help our wrestlers compete at the highest levels in local, state, regional, and national competitions!


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