The Hill of Champions

Hill of Champions

Welcome to Scanlan Wrestling Academy’s Hill of Champions! This program is meant to cultivate mental toughness, bottom line. It is physically demanding and builds strong bodies, but more importantly, builds a strong mind.

As a parent, you MUST hold our wrestlers accountable for their attendance. Everything about this program is meant to be uncomfortable. It’s early in the morning, we train rain or shine (unless thunderstorming), and we hold the entire group to a high standard. They need to know that WE (coaches and parents) are on the same page with requirements to train regardless of how they “feel.”

Details & Registration

Location: Leesburg, VA (you will get exact location in an email once you register)

  • Begin date: June 20, 2023
  • End date: August 10, 2023


  • Tuesday & Thursdays @ 6:30AM – 8AM

Training details: Body lifting for throws, Body lifting for takedowns, Body Carrying, Bodyweight conditioning (push-ups, bear crawls, lunges, sprints, runs, squats, etc.), Explosiveness, Core training, Agility, Grind conditioning.

This program originated with The Professor over 20 years ago, and has evolved to include various other training methods from our other coaches, and alumni guest coaches every so often.

This program will expose weakness, pinpoint breaking points, bring our wrestlers to hell and back, and cultivate the toughness needed to have a winner’s attitude. See you on the hill!

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